FCS Org Chart


FCS Org Chart

Following is listing of FCS and Leaders shown in image above.

Cornell University Facilities and Campus Services, Vice President- Frederick Burgess

            Executive Staff Assistant- Carin Clark

By Department:

Office of the University Architect, Senior Director - Margaret Carney

Services: Campus Planning, Landscape Architecture, Project Intake, Transportation Planning, Facilities Inventory, Archiving

Contract Colleges Facilities, Senior Director and Campus Manager - Keith Barton

Services: SUCF Liaison, Capital Planning, Campus Management

Facilities Management, Associate Vice President - Keith Barton

Services: Zone Facilities Maintenance, Operational Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Customer Service, Maximo, Building Assessments, Fabrication, Procurement, Grounds, Building Care, Recycling

Energy and Sustainability, Associate Vice President - Bert Bland

Services: Utilities and Infrastructure Operations, Energy Procurement, Utilities Capital Planning, Energy Management, Sustainability

Transportation and Delivery Services, Senior Director - Bridgette Brady

Services: Transportation, Fleet Services, Campus-to-Campus Bus Service, Mail Services, Courier Services

Finance and Administration, Senior Director – Kelley Yeomans

Services: Finance, Contracts, Human Resources, Information Technology, Data Management, Project Accounting

Engineering and Project Management, Associate Vice President – Andrew Magre

Services: Project Management, Project Engineering, Construction Management, In-house Design, Design Standards, Environmental and Energy Engineering


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